About Beth

I can’t tell you who I am without first telling you that I’m a mother. 

I have four little people who depend on me. It’s the stage I’m in and, currently, it defines me. My life is a compilation of laundry, carpool lines, snacks, diaper changes, baseball games, soccer practices, bath nights, baby laughs, homework, tantrums, meltdowns, snuggles, more snacks, and more laundry. It’s a messy, chaotic stage of life and it isn’t easy. But I love it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As mothers, we know that the most ordinary days can hold the most beautiful memories. Each detail can hold so much meaning. Like the way he twirls his hair with one hand while holding a bottle with the other. Or the little feet that cross while he nurses. The ways she lines up all of her books in a particular order along the edge of her crib. The blankie that’s been everywhere and seen everything.

All the while, we know that time is fleeting and the moments are lost. He won’t twirl his hair like that forever. The blankie will be forgotten one day. Before we know it, we’ve blinked and our babies aren’t babies anymore.

I want to remember every stage. I know you do, too.

That’s why I’m here. That is why I do what I do.

You should have high-quality photography that holds on to those moments.

It’s why I’ve invested in years of education and training, and continue to do so, year after year. It’s also why I feel the best place to document those memories is in the comfort of your own home where the magic happens every day, so most of my sessions occur in your home where you’re most comfortable.

Fill out this form to get started. Then we’ll see if my style matches yours, and we’ll set a date. You’ll feel prepared and confident with my Session Prep Guides full of tips that’ll help you love your portraits. Plus – every package includes a premium, handcrafted book … because I think we all know that too many photos never make it off our computers or phones!

Your photographs will reflect you and your amazing, precious life.