Fine Art School Photography

Fine Art School Portraits in Fort Worth, Texas

My goal is to provide a custom experience and authentic images to each family that attends a school that chooses Beth Smith Photography for their school portraits.

My service is personal and professional. It’s about going beyond the usual school photo.  It’s bringing out the uniqueness and personality of each child, and turning that into a moment that reflects who they are. I aim to provide each of you a better and more personal experience, complete with artistic and authentic images of your children.


School Photography FAQ

What is a fine art school portrait?

Fine Art School Portraits are classic school portraits with a modern twist. There will not be any strange backgrounds or silly props. The background will be white, and the images will be simple and classic. Your child will not be forced into a cheesy grin, instead, they will be encouraged to be themselves. The intent is a genuine expression you recognize and appreciate.


What should my child wear? 

Lighter solids, neutrals, and simple patterns are best. Please avoid graphics or colors that are too bright (like red or hot pink) near the face, as they will cause color casts.


Will you take sibling pictures?

If you have more than one child, your child will be photographed individually and with his or her siblings.


How will I order?

Within three weeks of your child’s photo day, you will receive an email with ordering information and a link to the school’s online gallery.  There will be roughly 3-5 images of each child, in both color and black and white.  From there, you will be able to select which images you like. If you choose, you can place an order for high quality prints or print products directly from the gallery. High-resolution digital images will also be available for purchase and immediate download directly from the gallery. The ordering process is simple and secure.  


The gallery will be open for ten (10) days, during which time all orders must be placed.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED DURING THE TEN-DAY PERIOD.


Once the gallery closes and all orders have been placed, photos will be delivered to your school within four weeks.