10 Must Have Photos from an In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

4 Reasons I Love Baby Sessions

I absolutely love baby sessions. And no, I did not mean to say newborn sessions (though I do also love a good newborn session)! A “baby session” is another type of session I offer that is specifically designed for babies older than newborns. While most of my sessions take place in your home, baby sessions take place in my all-white, natural light studio. This allows us to focus on all the fleeting details of your baby. This is where we capture those dimpled baby hands and fat little feet. Part of what I love about baby sessions is the babies themselves. I really love babies! But there is more to it than that. 

1. Babies don’t keep.

As cliche as it is, the truth in this is bittersweet. Too often we put things off, waiting for tomorrow. But each detail of your baby can hold so much meaning. The way she sucks her fingers. How he crosses his tiny feet. The way she twirls that one little bit of hair. The blankie that’s been everywhere and seen everything. All the while, we know that time is fleeting and the moments are lost. She won’t suck her fingers forever. He will uncross those tiny feet. She’ll stop twirling that little bit of hair. And, one day, the blankie will be forgotten. Before we know it, we’ve blinked, and our babies aren’t babies anymore. 

2. Every stage should be remembered.

A baby’s first year, and the next few after that, are filled with change. Babies go from sleeping all day, to crawling, sitting, wobbling, and then, before you know it, they’ve gone straight into a full toddler run. We lose the dimpled baby hands, tiny fat feet, and squishy little thighs too quickly. As a mother, I want to remember every stage. I know you do, too. Baby sessions can beautifully mark the progression of your changing baby and all his milestones.

3. Personalities all their own.

Starting at just a few months, babies begin to develop personalities, complete with belly laughs, vibrant emotional expressions, and silly little faces.   These are the things that will make you smile, laugh, and maybe cry as you look back and remember the days of their babyhood. 

4. A gift to you and your children.

Baby sessions give you the ability to sit down with your grown-up children years from now and sift through beautiful images of their first years. From custom hand-crafted albums to framed prints, your images will help you and your children look back and remember all the love that fills your lives. 

Baby sessions aren’t just about photography. They reflect you and the amazing, precious life you have created.  They tell your unique story.

As a photographer passionate about capturing these moments, I invite you to reach out so we can plan your next baby session. Together, we can turn your baby’s first years into a collection of memories that will last your lifetime and theirs. Plus – every baby session includes a premium, handcrafted book … because I think we all know that too many photos never make it from phone to print!


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