10 Must Have Photos from an In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

10 Must Have Photos from an In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

When you’re in the throes of having a newborn, whether it’s your first or your fourth, it’s easy to lock yourself away and let the world pass you by. Maybe it’s because you’re wrapped up in the newness of your tiny little baby, the small feet and itty-bitty fingers. Or maybe it’s because you’ve got toddlers circling in tears, meltdowns happening at your feet, you can’t find the remote to turn down Cocomelon or get the baby to latch, and you honestly can’t remember your last shower. It happens to the best of us. No matter the situation, the first few weeks of your baby’s life are magical. As a photographer, I love in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. They are an experience like no other. You get to capture a chaotic time in a very relaxed way. Babies create a beautiful kind of chaos that is worth capturing. I also love that every in-home lifestyle newborn session is different. And anything goes. With all the differences and the many possibilities, I do have a list of must-have photos that I like to capture at every session. These are the moments that bring it all together – they bring it home. 

Baby in crib

This is the perfect way to get a good picture of baby alone. I like to capture baby lying in his little bed or bassinet, awake or asleep. It’s also a great picture for later comparisons. When baby is a toddler looking back, he can see how, as a baby, he hardly took up any space in the crib is currently outgrowing. If baby doesn’t have a crib of his own yet, I like to throw a white blanket on top of mom and dad’s big bed and take a picture of baby there. 

Nursery detail shots

I know you put a lot of time and thought into this room, getting everything just right. That does not go unnoticed, and it won’t go undocumented. 

Baby on the changing table

Your baby will go through countless diapers and will likely be wearing them for much longer than you anticipate. But the amount of time that baby actually fits on that changing table is short. I love to modestly capture a little one being changed on the changing table. And to be honest, I usually prefer this to be an image of dad changing baby. First, someday dad may need this photo as proof that he did in fact help diaper baby. And second, I will give mom every opportunity to take a break from diapering a baby. There will be so many opportunities for you to change your baby, it does not have to be today.

Dad and baby

Along with the photo of dad changing baby, I always include one of dad holding baby. Whether baby is snuggling up against dad’s chest or being held in dad’s strong hands, it’s a moment of connection between dad and baby that I think needs to be captured. Not only is there a sweetness that counterbalances dad’s masculinity, but it’s also another chance to show just how small your baby is. 

Mom and baby

This one can be such a struggle for new moms. We can feel out of place and out of sorts after having a baby. I know you are tired, struggling to find the balance, and you don’t feel like you look as good as you should. But you are that baby’s whole world, and it shows in all the little moments. These may not be your favorite images at first, but when you look back years from now, you won’t see the insecurities and exhaustion. You’ll see what may well be one of the few images you have of you and your baby from those early days. You will be thankful. Which is so much better than the regret you would have if I didn’t capture it.  

The three of you

Mom, dad, and baby. This may not be your first baby, but he is the newest baby. And like each baby before or after him, he deserves a little bit of alone time with you. Time to snuggle, cuddle, and soak each other in. And you deserve a photo of it. We will throw in an extra shot here with both of you smiling and looking at the camera. 

Baby and siblings

If you have other children, this is where we acknowledge that this is their baby too. Every sibling has a different view or outlook on a new baby, and we will capture the essence of it, whatever it may be. If this is your first baby, I like to make sure to include a photo with any four-legged siblings, if feasible. Baby’s safety will always come first. 


Yes, this is still a newborn session. But it’s also a family session. So, when there are other members of the family, I will capture them too. They often like to run these sessions anyway, dancing, playing, and putting on a show for me. So go ahead and take a break to feed the baby or freshen up, I’ll spend some time playing with the other little people who call this place home. There is no stress or pressure either. You do not have to worry about them sitting still or being quiet. I will capture them as they are, and I can handle whatever they throw at me. With four young kids of my own, I know how important it is to document it all. 

Whole family

I always bring it in and get a few images of the entire family. These are great images to do on the bed because it’s a great place to get close and relax. It’s also a great time and place to include pets if we haven’t done so already. 

All the tiny details

These are simple, baby only images of all of baby’s smallest features. This is where I capture the chubby little dimpled hands, tiny toes, long lashes, and sweet little checks. 

With these 10 must-have shots and any other magical moments we manage to capture, you are sure to love your photos. Hit the button below to reach out to me so we can see if I’m the right person to capture them for you!


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