6 Tips for a Successful Session

1 Pick your outfits – You’re at home, so there is no need to be fancy, just be comfortable!  I suggest you get mom’s outfit taken care of first, something that lets her move around freely and makes her feel great, and then color coordinate the rest of the family.  Light colors and neutrals work great and are easy to coordinate. 

2 Clear the clutter – Lifestyle photography is all about the story of you and your family, in your space.  While we want the images to be real, we don’t want them to be too real.  So go ahead and tidy up before your session.  You don’t have to give the house a total scrub down, but make sure you clear the counters, dressers, and nightstands of distractions and give them a quick wipe down.  Hide away any toys or belongings you don’t want in your pictures. 

3 Make the beds – Let’s face it, beds are comfortable!  And, they’re great places to snuggle. So, the odds are good that one of your beds, most likely the master bed, will be a setting for at least part of your session.

4 Let in the light – Good lighting is key turning all those beautiful moments into the pin-worthy images you’re hoping to have.  We want ALL the natural light!  To get that light, turn off all the overhead lights and lamps and open up all the curtains and blinds. 

5 Turn off the electronics – Seriously, turn them off.  At least 30 minutes before your session starts, preferably more.  If you’re turning off TVs and taking away iPads right before your session starts, there’s a good chance there will be tears.  I don’t want to start your session that way, and I’m sure you don’t either!   

6 Relax – This is key.  Just relax.  Take a deep breath if you need to.  Lock yourself in the bathroom alone for a few minutes if you need to.  Turn on your favorite music, sit down, and just breathe.  It will all work out.   


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