What to Expect from Your Baby Session

So, you’ve booked a baby session and now you’re wondering how it all works.  The good news is that you really don’t have to do a thing!  It’s a sit back and relax kind of session.  I know that probably doesn’t help much and I’m SURE you have more questions.  To ease your mind, I’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a baby session work?

Generally speaking, your baby will lead the session. While your baby gets used to the space, we will just stay quiet and calm, and give them time to take it in.

The studio space is small, baby friendly, and very relaxed. I will follow your baby’s lead. If your baby is happy and laughing, we will laugh and play. If your baby is serious and reserved, that will be great. If your baby has to be held the entire time, we will enjoy that just as much. The goal is to capture your baby just as they are, and all of the little things that make them uniquely them.

I usually start with baby on the white bed. It’s really just an air-mattress on the floor, so if your baby is at the crawling stage, they may want to spend some time climbing and exploring. If your baby isn’t ready to let you go, this is a great time to capture images of you and baby together.

As long as your baby is sitting on their own, we then move to the floor. I use very large white backdrop paper for this set up and usually introduce a “friend” (or wooden toy) at this point. Giving your baby a little something to play with helps us get some great detail shots of chubby little hands and long baby lashes.

How can I prepare for my session?

The best way to prepare for your session is to make sure baby is well-rested and fed. We will take time to feed your baby (or let you nurse) if we need to, so be sure to bring an extra bottle or snacks if you can.

Whether or not you plan to be in any of the images, I highly suggest that you are ready to be if necessary. Being in a new place can be a bit overwhelming for babies and sometimes they need a little time before they are ready to let go of mom or dad. If you are dressed and ready, we can go ahead and start snapping while baby gets all his snuggles in.

What should my baby wear?

I like to start with baby in just a diaper with a white diaper cover or a little white onesie. I keep diaper covers and onesies in the studio, so you really don’t need to bring a thing. The studio is also stocked with sweet, simple little outfits for your baby. Most outfits are white, as I feel like it works best to keep the focus on baby, but there is also a variety of color if you prefer. If you have something special you would like your baby to wear, please feel free to bring it with you.

What should I wear?

Mom and dad should also wear white or other light or neutral colors. Again, this helps to keep the focus on baby. I do keep a small stash of blouses, skirts, and dresses for moms in a variety of sizes. Most of the studio wardrobe is white, so I suggest wearing nude undergarments. I do have a few shirts for Dad if needed, but options are very limited, so I suggest Dad comes ready.

Will you use props?

I prefer to keep the focus of the session on your baby. I want to capture your baby’s personality and all of their little details, from their soft little curls to their chubby little toes.

That said, having a little something for distraction or to help your baby warm up is always good! For this reason, I do keep a small stash of beautiful, natural wooden toys in the studio. These toys are timeless, well-made, and photograph beautifully.

If you prefer to bring your baby’s own favorite toy or book, please do (but know that it will very likely end up in your images)!

How long will the session last?

If your baby arrives happy and ready to go, we can possibly get the session done in about 30 minutes. Most babies need a little time to warm up though, so we usually spend 45 minutes to an hour in the studio. We don’t want to rush your baby. We will take the time we need to get the images you want!

Still have questions? Shoot me an email; I’m happy to help!


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